Our goal is to create a respectful, positive working environment where everyone can do their best science.

Respect is Part of Research is a sexual harassment prevention workshop. Trained discussion facilitators lead their peers in small group discussions to eliminate the taboo surrounding discussion of sexual harassment.

Our organization began in 2013 in the UC Berkeley Department of Physics, where a group of graduate students wanted to take action to raise awareness and reduce the frequency of sexual harassment in the physical sciences. Since then, we have partnered with the Department of Astronomy to offer their graduate students access to the same training given to physics students. We work extensively with the PATH to Care office and the UC Berkeley Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination; our workshop is certified to satisfy the UC Berkeley requirement for in-person SVSH prevention training.

We have recently expanded to other STEM departments on the UC Berkeley campus. We are excited about our January 2020 workshop to reach additional graduate students in physics/astronomy departments at other institutions.